1 Hour Compliance Or Cyber Security Consultation With Our Experts

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Being compliant and becoming CMMC Certified goes beyond understanding the standard and documenting your practices. You also need to have certain policies in place that are considered normal work place policies for safeguarding of information. Many organizations already have these policies in place or may only require slight modifications to existing policies to become compliant with these standards based on the lessons in the main course.

As a convenient option and to accelerate your compliance and CMMC Certification journey we offer a Compliance Policy Add-On pack. These policies and procedures are highly recommended in order to train your team, prove to an assessor that you do have policies and training in place, and guide your organization’s personnel practices in the correct handling of information security.  If after looking at the list of policies below you do not already have these in place or close to in place within your organization we highly recommend you purchase this compliance policy add-on pack. This will save you hours of writing these policies and thousands in attorneys fees reviewing or creating these policies.

*As a disclaimer, these are policy templates which may need to be modified to fit your organization and it is our extreme recommendation that an attorney always look over any policy before being implemented. On Call makes no warranties regarding the validity of these policies and as a condition of purchasing this compliance policy pack add-on you agree to hold On Call Computer Solutions, LLC. and any of it’s affiliated parties harmless under any and all circumstances in regards to your purchase and use of these policies. We cannot guarantee that these policies will make you compliant or able to pass a CMMC Certification assessment. They are meant to act as guiding material for you to use as a baseline starting point in building a proper compliance program.

Policies included in the Compliance Policy Pack Add-On:

  • IT Use And Cyber Security Policy
  • It Use And Cyber Security Policy (For Contractors)
  • Cyber Incident Response Plan
  • Incident Response Form
  • Data Destruction Policy
  • Visitor Log
  • Quarterly Risk Management Meeting Standard Operating Procedure
  • CUI Media Access Log (For Defense Contractors)

Want a little extra help to make sure you make it across the finish line? How about having one of our experts “On Call” for you one on one for an hour to help you with anything compliance, cyber security, or IT related?

As a part of this program we offer an optional 1 hour virtual consultation add-on with one of our CMMC Registered Practitioners who can advise you directly in the areas of compliance, cyber security, and IT. Our normal hourly billing rates are 2.5X – 5X this price, but to make sure you get all the help you need, we offer an introductory hour with us for just $97.00 exclusively as an add-on through your online course purchase.

This is the only opportunity to reserve this exclusive one on one assistance. Within 24 hours of your purchase you will be sent an exclusive self scheduling link to use at any time in order to conveniently schedule time with one of our experts. If you feel that being able to work directly with one of our experts one on one would be helpful, this is the time to reserve that opportunity.