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The Ultimate DIY Path To CMMC Level 1 Preparation

Let us guide you through becoming compliant with FAR 52.204-21 and preparing for CMMC Level 1 Certification on your own time and at your own pace. Don’t waste 6-12 months trying to figure this out yourself. These basic information safeguarding compliance requirements involve understanding  technical controls, policies, and procedures spanning hundreds of pages to completely understand, 17 different technical controls you must comply with and have evidence of, and require knowledge of IT, Cyber Security, HR, Legal, and more. Instead of continuing to beat your head against the wall trying to figure this out on your own, our expert team of CMMC Registered Practitioners, FAR, DFARS, and ITAR experts have created this simple, easy to follow, self paced Do It Yourself training course that helps you cut through the noise and technical jargon to understand EXACTLY what you need to do to get compliant with FAR basic information safeguarding regulations and prepare for CMMC Level 1 Certification right now, on your own with NO recurring monthly contracts OR expensive consultants! Best of all you can do everything right from the comfort of your own home, office, or anywhere you have internet.

Talk To An Expert... For Free

That's right! More than an online course, along with your purchase you get direct access to our team of experts AND our Private FAR / DFARS / CMMC Facebook Group... our private community of people just like you who are trying to comply with the law and get ready for CMMC.

On Call has experience successfully completing CMMC Certification Preparation Assessments, FAR compliance reviews, NIST SP 800-171 Compliance Assessments, IT Security Audits, and delivering Cyber Security best practices consulting in both private and public sector environments of all sizes. We've had clients reviewed by the government... with a 100% pass rate. Imagine having that level of expertise "On Call" any time to get you through this!

Clients who purchase our program get instant access to email our experts with quick questions FOR LIFE through our Quick Questions Form in our members area. You'll never be without an expert on your side again when dealing with CMMC Level 1 and FAR 52.204-21 issues... and it's all covered in the one time purchase of your course for a very limited time only!

As if having an expert available for a quick question isn't enough, you'll also receive a special invitation to our Private Members Only FAR / DFARS / CMMC Facebook Group. It's your opportunity to join like minded individuals who are all trying to stay secure and compliant while working together with our experts to navigate the day to day challenges of information safeguarding and compliance.

Are you stuck or behind on getting compliant and ready for CMMC?

What if I told you a full and complete understanding was only 2 hours and 30 minutes away?

Do you need to get FAR 52.204-21 compliant or ready for CMMC Level 1 Certification now for an existing contract? Are you afraid of the cost to find out where your Compliance Gaps are because you are a small or medium sized office and think compliance may be too expensive for you or too time consuming to fix? Don’t risk losing your government contracts over not being compliant. We can help.

We know time is critical especially if you already have contracts in place or are about to sign one. Our online course and included resources will give you everything you need to achieve your compliance and CMMC Level 1 Certification preparation goals including:

A Complete Understanding Of What Far 52.204-21 And CMMC Level 1 Is And Why They Are So Important For Your Organization.

Examples Of The Solutions Necessary In Order To Get Compliant And Properly Safeguard Your Information (And Organization) From Today's Attacks.

A Complete Walk Through Of Every Compliance Control including the exact criteria an assesor would use and what it all means in non technical jargon you can understand.

Sample Solutions for every safeguarding and compliance control with an in-depth walk through and understanding of the answer for BOTH FAR 52.204-21 and CMMC Level 1.

HR Policy Explanation so you can understand the policies you will need to develop and have in place to solve controls requiring more than a technical or physical solution in place (secret - people are critical to securing information too!).

A Complete Understanding Of Flow Down where we give a clear explanation as to what subcontractors you may or may not need to flow these requirements down to based on the law. We make the confusing subject of Flow Down crystal clear with examples.

BONUS - Cyber Security Best Practices For Government Contractors get valuable bonus advice on keeping your systems secure from our team of experts with over 20+ years of experience managing information security for government contractors.

DOUBLE BONUS - Get A Free System Security Plan And A Plan Of Action With Milestones Template our experts show you exactly how to use these government recommended core tools to help you fully document your compliance, how you are meeting each control, and be ready for CMMC Level 1 Certification assessment or a FAR compliance audit any time. Get compliant faster by using our Plan Of Action with Milestones template to document gaps in compliance and demonstrate a clear plan on how you will resolve them.

The Easiest Learning format ever! We've utilized a revolutionary way of simplifying these complex, hard to understand compliance standards into under 2.5 hours of easily digestible straight-to-the-point video content. Based on advanced teaching theories we've broken down everything you need to know into 54 individual micro lessons averaging 2 minutes and 40 seconds each. Start and stop any time you like, easily go back to key topics at the click of a button, never get exhausted during overly long lessons about dry compliance topics (we make it fun and entertaining too!), and best of all the total course time allows you to GET THIS DONE without absorbing endless amounts of your precious time.

Quick Questions For Life Never get stuck! Use the quick questions form in the member portal any time to ask our team of compliance experts a question. We never charge extra for a quick question and our entire team is here to make sure you are successful in your mission to become compliant, secure your information, and become a safe partner for the United States Government to do business with.

Private Facebook Group Access Join our private community and interact with both our experts and fellow government contractors who are all on a mission to make America a safer place from cyber attack, help each other solve compliance and information security issues, and succeed together in becoming CMMC Certified and safe to do business with. It's a rapidly growing community that is totally unique to anything else on the internet and we're all here waiting to help you be successful in your mission.

All You Pay Is $297!

Hands Down The Most Value You’ll Ever See For $297!!!

Why do so many companies choose On Call Computer Solutions for their CMMC Certification Preparation and FAR 52.204-21 compliance needs? Because we deliver everything you need to meet and exceed compliance together in one easy done-for-you package! On Call Computer Solutions delivers:

The expertise, experience, and a price even small businesses can afford.

One easy done-for-you online learning package to get you the answers you need quickly, the tools to become compliant, and a company who will be there to help with questions as needed.

A full service company capable of delivering everything you may need, even beyond this course. On Call is a full service Managed IT, Compliance, and Cyber Security company dedicated to the success of government and defense contractors.

Backed by the award-winning cyber security and compliance teams at On Call Computer Solutions we are the #1 source for CMMC Certification Preparation and FAR 52.204-21 Compliance consulting. Ready to get started? Let's get you enrolled and on your way to becoming compliant right now:

With FAR 52.204-21 and CMMC Level 1, it’s the contractor’s responsibility to safeguard all data and information related to any work performed including:

Federal Contract Information (FCI).

Any Other Specified Information Which May Need To Be Protected Under The Contract.

If you already have or are about to sign off on a contract that has these compliance mandates in them we highly recommend enrolling in this course to rapidly get the information you need and understand what you are obligating yourself to when working with the government. This is a rapid implementation DIY program that can bring you into compliance quickly but the time to act is NOW.

Save thousands on consulting fees, service contracts, excessive spending, incorrect solution implementation, and wasted time...

do it yourself with our experts guiding you all the way. Learn what it takes for your information security practices to meet or exceed what is required of you by law.

Not Ready To Jump In And Learn Just Yet?

We Get It! If you are just starting out on your compliance journey and still in the research phase you are not alone. These information security compliance standards are large, complex, and hard to understand. Worse, there is A LOT of misinformation out on the internet that can have your head spinning in circles trying to figure out what the right thing to do is in order to get compliant. We can still help you…

Watch our FREE VIDEO: Sample Lesson - Scoping Guidance For CMMC Level 1 & FAR 52.204-21

Quickly understand the exact process we use to deliver simple cost saving answers to these complex compliance challenges in plain english anyone can understand.

See a small demonstration of how this course can save your organization thousands of dollars and months of time getting compliant on your own.

See a real micro lesson right from the course, no bait and switch, no smoke and mirrors, this is just a very small sample of the value and experience you will get in this course.

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Still Not Ready To Take The Course Yet?

We Get It! If you are just starting out on your compliance journey and still in the research phase you are not alone. These information security compliance standards are large, complex, and hard to understand. Worse, there is A LOT of misinformation out on the internet that can have your head spinning in circles trying to figure out what the right thing to do is in order to get compliant. We can still help you…

  • Get access to our FREE GUIDE: How to get prepared for CMMC Level 1 Certification and become compliant with FAR 52.204-21.
  • Quickly understand the exact process we use when helping our clients take their first steps towards compliance and becoming more secure. 
  • Understand the “Why” behind these requirements and the reason it is so important they made complying with them the law.
  • Learn  why without becoming compliant and ready for CMMC Level 1 you may be putting your business at risk of losing government contracts and false claims penalties.

Included in this guide you will be able to learn exactly how we help our clients understand and comply with these laws, why a failure to comply  is the #1 threat to your business and it’s future sales, how you can leverage being compliant to win more contracts, what is required, why it’s required, how we help you become compliant, how we help prepare you for CMMC Certification, and how we do all of this with a completely risk free guarantee so that you never have anything to lose by working with us. With so much misinformation in the market today our goal is to help you get educated with real quality information from a team of CMMC Registered Practitioners that have been exclusively focused on the information security needs of government contractors since before these laws were put into place. Our company’s mission is to defend those that help play a part in running and defending our country. This free guide is a great place to start with no cost or obligation to ever interact with us.

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