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Online Course - Preparing For CMMC Level 1 Certification And Becoming Compliant With FAR 52.204-21
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ONE TIME OFFER - Compliance Policy Pack Add-On

Being compliant and becoming CMMC Certified goes beyond understanding the standard and documenting your practices. You also need to have certain policies in place that are considered normal work place policies for safeguarding of information. Many organizations already have these policies in place or may only require slight modifications to existing policies to become compliant with these standards based on the lessons in the main course.

As a convenient option and to accelerate your compliance and CMMC Certification journey we offer a Compliance Policy Add-On Pack. These policies and procedures are highly recommended in order to train your team, prove to an assessor that you do have policies and training in place, and guide your organization's personnel practices in the correct handling of information security.  If after looking at the list of policies below you do not already have these in place or close to in place within your organization we highly recommend you purchase this compliance policy add-on pack. This will save you hours of writing these policies and thousands in attorneys fees reviewing or creating these policies from scratch.

* This Compliance Policy Add-On Pack is normally $497.00 when not sold as an add-on to the CMMC Level 1 and FAR compliance course. This is the only opportunity to get these policies at the reduced price of only $197.00 when purchased exclusively with this FAR and CMMC Level 1 course.

**As a disclaimer, these are policy templates which may need to be modified to fit your organization and it is our extreme recommendation that an attorney always look over any policy before being implemented. On Call makes no warranties regarding the validity of these policies and as a condition of purchasing this Compliance Policy Pack Add-On you agree to hold On Call Computer Solutions, LLC. and any of it's affiliated parties harmless under any and all circumstances in regards to your purchase and use of these policies. We cannot guarantee that these policies will make you compliant or able to pass a CMMC Certification assessment. They are meant to act as guiding material for you to use as a baseline starting point in building a proper compliance program.

Policies included in the Compliance Policy Pack Add-On:

• IT Use And Cyber Security Policy

• IT Use And Cyber Security Policy (For Contractors)

• Cyber Incident Response Plan

• Incident Response Form

• Data Destruction Policy

• Visitor Log

• Quarterly Risk Management Meeting

• Standard Operating Procedure

• CUI Media Access Log (For Defense Contractors)

ONE TIME OFFER - Get Dedicated One On One Help From Our Compliance Experts!

Want a little extra help to make sure you make it across the finish line? How about having one of our experts "On Call" for you one on one for an hour to help you with anything compliance, cyber security, or IT related?

As a part of this program we offer an optional 1 hour virtual consultation add-on with one of our CMMC Registered Practitioners who can advise you directly in the areas of compliance, cyber security, and IT. Our normal hourly billing rates are 2.5X - 5X this price, but to make sure you get all the help you need, we offer an introductory hour with us for just $97.00 exclusively as an add-on through your online course purchase.

This is the only opportunity to reserve this exclusive one on one assistance at a fraction of our normal consulting rate. Within 24 hours of your purchase you will be sent an exclusive self scheduling link to use at any time in order to conveniently schedule time with one of our experts. If you feel that being able to work directly with one of our experts one on one would be helpful, this is the time to reserve that opportunity.

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Online Course - Preparing For CMMC Level 1 Certification And Becoming Compliant With FAR 52.204-21

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Online Course - Preparing For CMMC Level 1 Certification And Becoming Compliant With FAR 52.204-21
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Subtotal $297.00
Total $297.00 USD

Need A Reminder On Everything You're Getting?

Don’t risk losing your government contracts over not being compliant. Our team is here to help...

We know time is critical especially if you already have contracts in place or are about to sign one. Our online course and included resources will give you everything you need to achieve your compliance and CMMC Level 1 Certification preparation goals including:

A Complete Understanding Of What Far 52.204-21 And CMMC Level 1 Is And Why They Are So Important For Your Organization.

Examples Of The Solutions Necessary In Order To Get Compliant And Properly Safeguard Your Information (And Organization) From Today's Attacks.

A Complete Walk Through Of Every Compliance Control including the exact criteria an assesor would use and what it all means in non technical jargon you can understand.

Sample Solutions for every safeguarding and compliance control with an in-depth walk through and understanding of the answer for BOTH FAR 52.204-21 and CMMC Level 1.

HR Policy Explanation so you can understand the policies you will need to develop and have in place to solve controls requiring more than a technical or physical solution in place (secret - people are critical to securing information too!).

A Complete Understanding Of Flow Down where we give a clear explanation as to what subcontractors you may or may not need to flow these requirements down to based on the law. We make the confusing subject of Flow Down crystal clear with examples.

BONUS - Cyber Security Best Practices For Government Contractors get valuable bonus advice on keeping your systems secure from our team of experts with over 20+ years of experience managing information security for government contractors.

DOUBLE BONUS - Get A Free System Security Plan And A Plan Of Action With Milestones Template our experts show you exactly how to use these government recommended core tools to help you fully document your compliance, how you are meeting each control, and be ready for CMMC Level 1 Certification assessment or a FAR compliance audit any time. Get compliant faster by using our Plan Of Action with Milestones template to document gaps in compliance and demonstrate a clear plan on how you will resolve them.

The Easiest Learning format ever! We've utilized a revolutionary way of simplifying these complex, hard to understand compliance standards into under 2.5 hours of easily digestible straight-to-the-point video content. Based on advanced teaching theories we've broken down everything you need to know into 54 individual micro lessons averaging 2 minutes and 40 seconds each. Start and stop any time you like, easily go back to key topics at the click of a button, never get exhausted during overly long lessons about dry compliance topics (we make it fun and entertaining too!), and best of all the total course time allows you to GET THIS DONE without absorbing endless amounts of your precious time.

Quick Questions For Life Never get stuck! Use the quick questions form in the member portal any time to ask our team of compliance experts a question. We never charge extra for a quick question and our entire team is here to make sure you are successful in your mission to become compliant, secure your information, and become a safe partner for the United States Government to do business with.

Private Facebook Group Access Join our private community and interact with both our experts and fellow government contractors who are all on a mission to make America a safer place from cyber attack, help each other solve compliance and information security issues, and succeed together in becoming CMMC Certified and safe to do business with. It's a rapidly growing community that is totally unique to anything else on the internet and we're all here waiting to help you be successful in your mission.

Just A Small Handful Of Our Client Success Stories

Talk To An Expert... For Free

That's right! More than an online course, along with your purchase you get direct access to our team of experts AND our Private FAR / DFARS / CMMC Facebook Group... our private community of people just like you who are trying to comply with the law and get ready for CMMC.

On Call has experience successfully completing CMMC Certification Preparation Assessments, FAR compliance reviews, NIST SP 800-171 Compliance Assessments, IT Security Audits, and delivering Cyber Security best practices consulting in both private and public sector environments of all sizes. We've had clients reviewed by the government... with a 100% pass rate. Imagine having that level of expertise "On Call" any time to get you through this!

Clients who purchase our program get instant access to email our experts with quick questions FOR LIFE through our Quick Questions Form in our members area. You'll never be without an expert on your side again when dealing with CMMC Level 1 and FAR 52.204-21 issues... and it's all covered in the one time purchase of your course for a very limited time only!

As if having an expert available for a quick question isn't enough, you'll also receive a special invitation to our Private Members Only FAR / DFARS / CMMC Facebook Group. It's your opportunity to join like minded individuals who are all trying to stay secure and compliant while working together with our experts to navigate the day to day challenges of information safeguarding and compliance.

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