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The Ultimate Do It Yourself DFARS, NIST SP 800-171, and CMMC Program  × 1 $497.00
Subtotal $497.00
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Need A Reminder On Everything You're Getting?

Do you need to get DFARS 252.204-7012 and NIST SP 800-171 compliant or ready for CMMC Level 2 Certification now for an existing contract? Are you afraid of the cost to find out where your Compliance Gaps are because you are a small or medium sized office and think compliance may be too expensive for you or too time consuming to fix? Are you part of a massive corporation and overwhelmed by the idea of moving your company towards compliance without help but don't have the budget for high end consultants, don't know who to trust, or just want to do this yourself? Don’t risk losing your government contracts over not being compliant. We can help.

We know time is critical especially if you already have contracts in place or are about to sign one. Our online program and included resources will give you everything you need to achieve your compliance and CMMC Level 2 Certification preparation goals including:

A Complete Understanding Of What DFARS 252.204-7012, NIST SP 800-171, And CMMC Level 2 Is And Why They Are So Important For Your Organization And It's Future In Defense Work.

Examples Of The Solutions Necessary In Order To Get Compliant And Properly Safeguard Your Information (And Organization) From Today's Advanced Attacks. No need to be an IT Pro anymore, we demystify the tech behind the requirements so you can figure it out no matter what your technical skill level or IT abilities are.

A Complete Walk Through Of Every Compliance Control including the exact criteria an assessor would use and what it all means in non technical jargon anyone can understand.

Sample Solutions for every safeguarding and compliance control with an in-depth walk through and understanding of the answer for FAR, DFARS, NIST SP 800-171 and CMMC Level 1 and 2 information security requirements.

Done For You Policies and Standard Operating Procedures included in this program that you can put in place right now and solve many compliance controls that require more than a technical or physical solution in place (secret - people are critical to securing information too!). Save tens of thousands on attorneys fees and hundreds of hours of policy development - it's all Done For You and included!

A Complete Understanding Of Flow Down where we give a clear explanation as to what subcontractors you may or may not need to flow these requirements down to based on the law. We make the confusing subject of Flow Down crystal clear with examples.

Step By Step Walk Through Of Registering For SPRS, SAM, CAGE Codes, PIEE, And Developing And Submitting Your SPRS Score: We start from 0 and walk you through the entire process of helping you meet your legal obligations as a defense contractor. There is no need to figure out complex hard to follow government systems yourself one moment longer... we'll hold your hand and walk you through everything you need to comply with the law.

Tackle Complex Discussions Such As Compliant Data Storage, Microsoft Office 365 GCC High, And More With Definitive Answers And Facts... Even If You're Not An IT Person: There is a lot of noise out there in the market about what solutions are DFARS compliant and what you actually have to do in order to follow the law. We break down the facts, talk about solutions that are currently offered in the market, and give you the knowledge to make the right decisions for your organization with ease... no more solution overwhelm and confusion about what needs to be done.

BONUS - Cyber Security Best Practices For Government Contractors get valuable bonus advice on keeping your systems secure from our team of experts with over 20+ years of experience managing information security for government and defense contractors.

DOUBLE BONUS - Get A Free System Security Plan And A Plan Of Action With Milestones Template And Sample Answers To Every Control For Both Small And Large Sized Businesses: Our experts show you exactly how to use these government recommended core tools to help you fully document your compliance, how you are meeting each control, and be ready for CMMC Level 2 Certification assessment or a DFARS/NIST SP 800-171 compliance audit any time. Get compliant faster by using our Plan Of Action with Milestones template to document gaps in compliance and demonstrate a clear plan on how you will resolve them.

TRIPPLE BONUS - Learn Mega Money Techniques For Closing More Sales, Increasing Profit Margins, and Growing The Defense Revenue In Your Business let our experts show you or your sales team exactly how to use compliance as your super secret weapon to create competitive differentiation, strategic product and service advantage, access hidden cost reimbursement techniques, and justify higher profit margins that will have everyone in your company calling you the compliance hero!

The Easiest Learning format ever! We've utilized a revolutionary way of simplifying these complex, hard to understand compliance standards into under 30 hours of easily digestible straight-to-the-point video content. Based on advanced teaching theories we've broken down everything you need to know into individual micro lessons averaging 4 minutes and 30 seconds each. Start and stop any time you like, easily go back to key topics at the click of a button, never get exhausted during overly long lessons about dry compliance topics (we make it fun and entertaining too!), and best of all the total course time allows you to GET THIS DONE without absorbing endless amounts of your precious time.

Certified Compliance Support For One Year Never get stuck! Use the quick questions form in the member portal any time to ask our team of certified compliance experts a question. We never charge extra for a quick question and our entire team is here to make sure you are successful in your mission to become compliant, secure your information, and become a safe partner for the United States Government to do business with. This is not just another online course... with this program we are by your side to help you succeed!

Private Facebook Group Access Join our private community and interact with both our experts and fellow government contractors who are all on a mission to make America a safer place from cyber attack, help each other solve compliance and information security challenges, and succeed together in becoming CMMC Certified and safe to do business with. It's a rapidly growing community that is totally unique to anything else on the internet and we're all here waiting to help you be successful in your mission.

Lifetime Access And Lifetime Updates to this program. DFARS, NIST SP 800-171, and CMMC Certification requirements change over time. The team at On Call is committed to your continued success and keeping this program up to date. Included in your purchase is lifetime access to the program along with free updates. We can't promise the price of the program will stay this low (in fact there is already a planned price increase scheduled) but we can promise that once you buy you'll always have the latest up to date materials from our team as they are developed.

All You Pay Is $1997!

Hands Down The Most Value You’ll Ever See For $1997!!!

Why This Program Is The Only 100% Risk Free Guaranteed Way In Existence To Solve Your Compliance Challenges And Get Ready For CMMC Certification On Your Own…

30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Or Your Money Back

The Only Vendor Authorized By The Cyber AB To Offer A Money Back Guarantee

There Is 0 Risk To You In The Purchase Of This Course. Let Us Know You Are Not Happy Within 30 Days And We Will Issue A 100% Refund... No Questions Asked, No Need To Explain. Your Satisfaction And Success Is All We Care About

We are the only known vendor in existence with a one-of-a-kind enduring exception directly from the Cyber-AB able to offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely and totally satisfied with this program. We also offer one year of certified compliance email support to help you solve any compliance challenge that may arise during your implementation of the program.

While money back guarantees are banned by the Cyber-AB Code Of Ethics, On Call has been delivering compliance solutions to the DIB (Defense Industrial Base) since long before the Cyber-AB existed. We have always believed in standing behind our work and eliminating any risk that exists to working with us by including a money back guarantee if we fail to perform. Since our first day in business back in 2003 our goal has been simple. We never want a new prospective client to risk a penny just to find out if our solutions are any good. We are a relationship based company and removing any risk of working with us is the best way we know how to get started on the right path to long term success. No other vendor delivers the safety and assurance that we do. There Is 0 Risk To You In The Purchase Of This Course. Let Us Know You Are Not Happy Within 30 Days And We Will Cancel Your Access Immediately And Issue A 100% Refund... No Questions Asked, No Need To Explain. Your Satisfaction And Success Is All We Care About.

We've spent years developing this program and it is the exact same program that our staff consultants and partners use when working one on one with U.S. Defense contractors world wide in our global defense consulting practice (Where our consultants work with companies one on one to help them get compliant). We've taken those hard earned years of experience and turned them into a convenient self guided program that is truly affordable for everyone - no matter how small or large your business is.

Why did we do this? Because we believe that defense work should not just be accessible to companies who can afford expensive consultants, long term "golden hand cuff" agreements, and astronomical fees to get compliant. Our goal in doing the unthinkable -taking information that has always been locked behind the gates of expensive consulting packages and solutions is to make information security, cyber security, and meeting today's legal obligations for defense work more accessible to everyone. This program is all about leveling the playing field, keeping you safe, and helping your business succeed. We know that with the resources in this program you can do this! With our risk free guarantee, now you have nothing to lose and no excuse not to move forward on your journey to compliance.

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